Thursday, May 22, 2014

Website "Choices" lets students match their interests with careers.... (but Dennis Littky recommends getting the kid into an internship ... and Will Sutherland prefers to use the QBE approach -- Qualified by Your Experience)

Interests:  "What are you interested in?"

"What are your passions?"

What floats your boat?  What spins your wheel?  (I heard this phrase in New Zealand at Stonefields school)

This is a system used in Florida, recommended to me by Maria Antonieta Espinosa, a counselor at Doral's Ronald Reagan High School.
for University Students, too
(The students at that school recently collected more than 10 boxes of magazines to share with an after school program in Florida City -- thank you!)

I recommend this site for "an inventory of interests."

You can also check your "big five personality" so that you can see how your personality might fit with your interests.  The two are different.   If you are interested in animal medicine and you are "open to new experiences", then you might practice in Africa or in a "coop clinic."  If you are "closed," then you might stay in the USA and practice in a traditional animal hospital. 

This person might want to consider a
traditional place of work.  She is
probably easy to work with, but she
prefers a conventional, 9-to-5 work
environment.  Calm, conscientious,
agreeable and extraverted....
Here is an example of a person's profile in the Big Five personality test

 Go ahead, try 

What is the next step? to test your methods and your ideas against a difficult, uncomfortable place and workspace. and to see how a school connects students to internships.

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