Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Education Documentary Filmmaker Erik Friedl delivers a story about Los Lobos and Music at Highland Park High School in Los Angeles

By bringing in the community and bringing in music, we can help yong people find their passions and it changes the school."   -- Enrique Gonzalez, principal, Highland Park High School

Louie Pérez of Los Lobos drops by for a visit to Highland Park High School in Los Angeles. Louie is joined by fellow mentors Luis Torres and Luis Ruan as they creatively mix it up with the students, sparking new directions and ideas about music, school and life. 

Directed, filmed and edited by Erik Friedl

All inquiries about the programs welcomed by Principal Enrique Gonzalez at 323-254-3421 or via e-mail:

"I'm going to come back!  This is a great bunch of kids"
Private and corporate donations may be made to: 
"Highland Park High School Music Department"
Highland Park High School
928 N. Avenue 53

Los Angeles, CA 90042

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