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Are you ready to "DP"? Three webpages to explain and describe Digital Portfolios  A step-by-step description of DPs  High Tech High's list of DPs   Ben Staley's DP  (a student at HTH)   Steve's DP  an example of a VIDEO reflection by a student at River Cities Charter School (December 2013)

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These web pages will give you a start on how to make a Digital Portfolio

This student's work is an example of
a well-organized DP

From my book about Digital Portfolios

Table of Contents from the book "Show Your Work!"

Show what you can do with what you know.

WHAT is a digital portfolio?
Show me an example of a DP.

WHERE do they use Digital Portfolios?
High Tech High

WHAT goes into a Digital Portfolio?

HOW do we store the Digital Portfolio?
How To Set Up the Web Site
Suggestions by Ben Staley, student at High Tech High
How to Use Google Drive

How to Set Up the Youtube Channel

How to Connect the Channel to the Site

How to Create Your Blog using Blogger

How frequently should I update my Digital Portfolio?

What Else Do You Need?

WHO supervises the growth and shaping of the Digital Portfolio?

Dennis Yuzenas: Essential Skills

Matt Blazek: Projects

Mario Llorente: An Exercise with Quotations

More Examples of Digital Portfolios


Excerpt from the book:

If you know how to use Google Drive
If you know how to use Google's SITES web-making software
If you would rather see a student's actual work in additiona to a transcript's report of the Grade Point Average,
then you are ready for introducing Digital Portfolios to students.    

1. No personal information (the student might want to put her actual name, but I encourage everyone to call themselves "Fred Jones at Indiana Middle School in Freeport, Ind.")
2. No email links to a "REAL" email address, but you can invite comments to the site.
3.  ADD YOUTUBE videos to allow visitors to HEAR the "performance of understanding" or exhibition of the student's learning.   High Tech High DPs don't generally have video components, so your version will be the next step in the evolution of DPs.  The VIDEO does NOT have to show the face of the student.  Shy students can hide behind the camera and simply give a tour of a poster or book or report by describing what was learned.  See the videos at River Cities Communities Charter School... 

Steve McCrea
954 646 8246

The vision:  Students in Florida (and other places) could use the same format that students in California use at High Tech High School

(1) Admission officers could see the school work that earned the 3.7 GPA that the student's transcript shows.

(2) Admissions officers could see and hear the student's reflection and thought processes... (we know that some people make decisions about you based only on the sound of your voice -- Malcolm Gladwell's book Blink documents cases where a 

... if students in Florida take the time to assemble a web site with examples of their work.

(3) STUDENTS CAN GO FARTHER by using a BLOG to describe their "metacognition" (their awareness about how they think and how their critical thinking has been improved by specific projects)

Click here to get the sample projects
(4)  STUDENTS CAN USE YOUTUBE videos to introduce their style of talking and thinking when they REFLECT on their projects.   It's not only the PROJECTS that speak about the students.... the students can SPEAK OUT about their work.   The Digital Portfolio

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR INTERESTING PROJECTS?  Then look for Matt Blazek's List of Projects  CLICK HERE

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