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Here's one way to reach out to a class in Brazil and invite students in the USA and France to connect with teenagers in Florianopolis ... write a long email message and send articles

I wrote this email to Jair because I forgot to turn on my Skype and connect with his class.   Here is my attempt to connect with the students....


Hello Jair and hello to his many students.

I missed our SKYPE appointment and I plan to prepare for next Monday or whenever you have another chance to talk by skype.   PLEASE Professor Jair, try me again.  My lack of planning is best attacked by sending an email to my mobile phone   9546468246@vtext.com   and I will get a reminder such as  "Hey steve, skype in one hour" ...

I am very happy to talk by skype but I have little discipline to remember to set an alarm on my phone.

TWO ARTICLES about consumers.
I'm writing to you with two complicated articles... because I believe that Jair will carry you and help you find the joy in these articles.

How can we learn more?  By connecting our hearts and minds.   

How can we find something powerful and LIFE CHANGING to read?  by asking teachers to recommend something "real"

I have asked a friend (and paid him) to translate Littky's book into Spanish.   I just paid someone to translate Littky's first chapter into Portuguese.  I'm attaching for your students the ENGLISH version of the book and the FIRST CHAPTER of the book

Students, please take time to flip through the book.  Look at the photos, look at the quotes.   I will send separately the WHOLE book, but here is the first chapter.   NOTE TO JAIR>... I hope you have a way to share this information with your students.

Here are the LINKS


ENGLISH chapter
This is a great author.   Look for him.

Read the first chapter in English, (well, try it) and then read the article in Portuguese.  My student Victor Fernandes (his email is above) (who lives in Florida) has told me:

The teachers pretend to do their job
The students pretend to pay attention.
The author wants to change this situation.

That is a PERFECT description and summary of this chapter.

My student Victor has asked me to send him more articles to read.  I'm thinking about some TED talks (first in English and then also in PORTUGUESE).  I think it is a good method to PUSH ourselves to read an article in another language and try to GUESS the meanings, then go to our native language and get the real story.

In future emails, I will send the translations of TED talks for you to analyze in ENGLISH and in Portuguese

This was my comment on FastCompany's website
My student Victor has recently completed a training program about teeth.  He plans to create a book using CREATESPACE (actually, he will make a children's book with his cousins Leo and Luiza) to explain WHY we need to attack the monsters in our mouth.   This is a project and he will write in Portuguese and then try to translate into English.  Then I will check his English and then I put the information in Createspace and he will be AN AUTHOR.   I suggest that you each think about something that you are an EXPERT about and try to write a book in English (and Portuguese) ... this will be a way for me to learn some portuguese via translation method.

THIS IS A LONG LETTER to say "Welcome to the Email School of English"  ... we can do many things via Email and I invite Jair's students to contact me, to contact Esraa in Egypt, to write to Davit in Armenia and to write to Davi and Victor (they are cousins).

Here are the email addresses.  PLEASE WRITE TO THESE PEOPLE to practice your English
Jair Luiz Alves da Silva Filho

Jawaan Samuel


victor fernandes

EGYPT:  Esraa Abdalla

FRANCE Davi Barreiros <321contagious gmail.com="">, 

DAVIT in ARMENIA    Dav Dave

I have also included Will Sutherland in this list because he could perhaps welcome  students from Brazil in his sailing school (which is really a "life skills" school).

Davi Barreiros (yes, he has a Brazilian name) is at Will's school and Davi can tell you something about his progress at the school.


The goal is to PULL people into your world.  Pull people into your email box.   And send them questions to "wake us up."     My student Jawaan Samuels is the FIRST FLORIDA TEENAGER to write to Esraa in Egypt.

NOTE TO JAIR:  I hope you will share this long email with your class.  I will attach books for them to look at (ebooks) and they can reject or skip whatever they like.  I hope that Victor, Jawaan, Davi and other students will write to you, Jair, and offer to help your students with their English....  perhaps your students can offer a place for people to watch the WORLD CUP...?  a sofa, perhaps?    I imagine that some teenagers in Florida could fly to Florianopolis for a week and trade "English Lessons for the World Cup Experience in Brazil"  watching the world cup on TVs in Florianopolis.   what a fun idea.   I wish I could hop on a plane and experience the moment with you.

Please ask each of your students to write to me and I will try to match their interests with my info.   HERE is  my Orkut   http://www.orkut.com/Main#AlbumList?uid=10684280787565205593&fr=1

Here is my Facebook page..   look for students who were in my previous classes and you can write to them, such as https://www.facebook.com/thomas.qb.3?
Thomas Q
This is the beginning of the book that Victor
is writing for children

my facebook

I look forward to future SKYPE calls from Jair.   Please, students, remind Jair to text me and you can text my smartphone by sending an email to 9546468246@vtext.com

Steve McCrea
Founder, Visual and Active Teacher Training

VisualAndActive.com    visualandactive@gmail.com

Mobile  954 646 8246

contact me at +1 954 646 8246. ... Get links to free materials available from TRANSFORMTeaching.ORG

A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.   Margaret Mead

If people are coming to work excited, if they're making mistakes freely and fearlessly, if they're concentrating doing things, rather than preparing reports and going to meetings - then somewhere you have leaders. - Robert Townsend 

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