Friday, May 30, 2014

Teachers: We are charged with exposing students to other cultures. Here's a sound that many lovers of (c)rap music might not know (sent to me by the people behind EEWANA)

One of the functions of school is to expose students to new idea ("new to me and my family and culture" even if the idea is thousands of years old).    I was 42 years old before I heard of Borobudur.   (Tip:  the spelling is  O O U U   borobudur)

Nil showed me this music...
What have I neglected to show my students?   I am motivated to show you something about Turkey because a new REGION is emerging.  It's more than "the Middle East" and more than "Eastern Europe" or "North Africa"... it's EEWANA.   This singer is from Turkey, which is the center of
EEWANA.  (CLICK HERE to learn more... about TOJDE) I have never heard of her and I doubt if many of my students have taken time to explore mideastern music.  I found this link because a colleague of Ugur Demiray, a translator named Nil Goksel, posted this video on her Facebook wall.  That's the sort of purpose of a teacher, to be a filter.   "Here's what my net caught today" is that reason why I invite students to follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

Here is the LINK that Nil posted

Here is Nil's Facebook page... she is an able translator and she is my "net" for finding remarkable singers.  She did it once.  She might do it again.  She also has translated Richard E. Clark into Turkish. 

Thanks to Nil, I have this link:

Look at these articles that she put into Turkish

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  • Do the right thing.  Click here and give a hit
    and share this sound with a teenager

    This is the sort of help that I get from Nil and Ugur  ... they are academic
    people in Turkey who expose me to Turkish culture...

    and then I can share these elements with my students.

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