Friday, May 23, 2014

Tony Wagner's 9-minute video highlights Thomas Friedman's formula CQ + PQ > IQ

Quotes from the video

start watching at 44 minutes.  There is a short film embedded in the video.   fascinating.   "What am I doing to prepare my child to innovate?"   Children should be ready to innovate, ..... not everyone needs to be ready for college." 

"Everyone is here for a reason.  If you don't use your talent, you are taking away from the world.  You need to play your part in the ecosystem."   Minute 51:49  Jodie Wu

"Design thinking is about asking the right questions, more about Art than about Science."   President of Olin College of Engineering  

Take time to hear Tony Wagner's point...   Thomas Friedman is in the short video, too, talking about CQ + PQ > IQ    Curiosity and Passion are more important than Intelligence.

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