Monday, February 4, 2013

A tip from Remember

The program called "Your Net Impact" is given at  You have an impact on the Internet.  Your choices of what you look at can influence others.
Choice for making posts

There are companies, like the Nielson ratings of TV programs, that track how consumers use media.  We can influence the internet by sharing sites with other, posting comments and links in our Facebook, Youtube, Twitter accounts... and how about Tumblr and Stumble Upon?

It's called "curating" when we select something for a museum.  Why not call it curating when we teachers collect materials to present in class or in our blogs and on youtube videos?
I hope you will follow my niece's tumblr account

Here's a treasure for people who like quotations

There are dozens of sites that offer collections of quotes.  When we share a quote, we direct people to share a concentrated sequence of thoughts (or perhaps invite the readers to diverge in several directions).

Quotes carry the seeds of professional development for teachers

Here's how you get some choices
Quotes guide our thoughts and behavior

Quotes create a mindset

Let's get more quotes into our lives.

Learn more at this article
I haven't been using for years.  For people who don't know about the site, 

Parents, teachers, students...

You might want to learn more about Pinterest, too.

A drop in traffic after a redeisgn...

In short, there are plenty of reasons to spend time online with each other -- sharing interesting videos and links to helpful articles.

Bring a device to a restaurant or a family gathering and start exchanging tips.  "What article or video or photo or website have you stumbled on recently?"

Then tell me about it.

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