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Ten Videos that Parents Should Watch -- What Videos Should Parents See With Their Children?

For years I've been suggesting videos, ebooks and websites to parents.  "Show your child these words on" and "You should watch this video with your child.  It's about a school in Providence, Rhode Island."  

Highland Park's program
I delayed publishing "the list" because I couldn't feel comfortable that I had finished the list.  I wanted to create a list of "the best videos I could find."  But that's a moving target.
a)  one person can't evaluate thousands of videos on Youtube
b)  more videos are being added.

However, when a teacher doesn't give a list of videos, the child is missing an opportunity to see something besides another half-hour of commercials.  

Another benefit of a list about "What Parents Should Watch" is the opportunity to create curiosity in the child.  "What does the teacher want my parents to look at?   Maybe I can learn something about the adult world..."  The teacher is always talking to my parents about me.  Maybe I can figure out what they're talking about...

There are dozens of reasons for a teacher to create a list of "must-see" videos.  The lsit can create a culture of learning in the school and the classroom.  The list can help maintain a mindset and  expectations about "what can happen in this school?"
The "Palabra" shirt

The phrase "what videos should parents see?" brings a website called vactruth:
This webpage is a list of videos about vaccines.

This blog post is an attempt to display a list of videos about choices in education.  The phrase "Ten Videos All Parents Should Watch" could have a wider mix of topics than a group of medical videos.

Here's a start (6 videos):



search  "TEDxNYED Dennis Littky - 03/05/2011"

a tour of Highland Park school and an interview with Enrique Gonzalez

A visit to a classroom where students use portfolios and projects
Search "Dennis Yuzenas 9"

"Our principal is a man" Listen to Minute 3
I'm still hunting for the final four videos to put on "the" list.  Suggestions?

Part 2: The next post is about "What books should parents read?" (or at least look at).

Part 3 will be "What ebooks should parents have?"

Part 4 is "What websites should a parent know about?"

Going deeper

Curated by TED  a list of 11 talks about education

These items will support the ebook called Ten Videos, Ten Ebooks, 

Ten Websites.



Why should I learn how to download?

REPLY:  Watching a video on Youtube requires internet access and a computer (usually).  When you have the videos on a USB flash drive (pen drive), you can watch the video through a media player on an older TV.  Downloading videos gives you the option to say to your child, "Why don't we watch this?"

Is that okay to download? Doesn't the owner of the Youtube Channel want more people to watch the video on Youtube? The views increase, the "Likes" can increase, and there's more ad revenue associated with the views.

REPLY: As long as allows us to download videos, I'm bringing commercial-free videos to my students. Students who have no access to the Internet can get

Students who are distracted easily can watch the videos that I've collected for them. "Choose one of these videos. Summarize one of these talks."

Minute 3:54 (what did he say?)

Send your list of favorites to
If you know of other free downloading and converting software and programs, please tell me about them.

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