Friday, February 1, 2013

Let's expand the "Culture" of our school

"Not I -- the city teaches."
-- Socrates, quoted by Dennis Littky in The Big Picture (2004)

Dennis Littky writes in The Big Picture about the stories in a school.  every interaction expands the culture of the school.  Every talk with a student helps reshape the school's culture.  

Background:  I teach students from other countries who come to Fort Lauderdale to improve their spoken English.  I want the culture of my school to be "welcome to my classroom.  How can we help you today?"

I want to recommend stores for the visiting students to get good service.

I want their experience in Fort Lauderdale to be memorable and sweet.

31 January 2013
Here's what I observed at a Dollar Store in Fort Lauderdale.

Three students with accents were standing in line, waiting to pay for some snacks.  The clerk, wearing a name tag showing "Ron", greeted the students and asked how they were doing.  "What country are you from?"
"Brazil," came the chorus from the three students.

One of the students paid for the snacks with a $100 bill.  Ron counted out $92 in change.  Big smile, no pause, no "Do you have anything smaller?"

I applaud Ron for his courtesy in making change for the $100 bill. I'm going to tell this story to my class of students and recommend that they frequent this store.  This store is part of the city that teaches.

This blog entry can be used to present alternatives to teachers, students, parents and principals.  

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