Monday, February 11, 2013

EDUTOPIA .. a useful curator of "what's happening on the edge"

Here's a group of links that Edutopia compiled

Here are some samples:

Online Learning and Blended Classrooms

  • Blended Learning Series, by Lisa Michelle Dabbs, Andrew Miller, and Heather Wolpert-Gawron (2012)
    This three-part blog series covers tips and strategies for incorporating blended learning -- a combination of both online and face-to-face education -- in the classroom.
  • Five-Minute Film Festival: Flipped Classrooms, by Amy Erin Borovoy (2012)
    Learn more about the challenges and benefits of flipped classrooms, where lectures are assigned as homework and hands-on learning happens in class, in this playlist of videos from VideoAmy.
  • Connecting Project-Based and Blended Learning, by Brian Greenberg (2011)
    PBL and blended learning prove to be two educational approaches worth combining.
  • Salman Khan on Liberating the Classroom for Creativity (2011) 
    The founder of Khan Academy, a free educational video library that features over two thousand titles and an interactive dashboard for formative assessment, discusses how his videos can help create a "flipped classroom" that allows blended learning -- online lectures can happen at home and project-based learning can happen during school.
  • Schools That Work: The Brave New Breakthrough of Online Learning (2010)
    Discover how K-12 students and teachers from across the country are using virtual technology to create enhancements to their learning experiences and new success in their lives.

Teaching with New Media Tools

This is an example of excellent curating.

(Recommended by Gordon Dryden)

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