Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let's take a course at MIT together (starts on 11 Feb. 2013)

Daniel Amen warns us not to read our email in the morning.   We might get distracted.  

Look what arrived in my email box from Iain B. in Auckland (who advocates a clear-eyed view of slogans and a systems approach to analyzing "what works" in education):

Thought this could be of interest, if you had not already seen it:
A course for designers, technologists, and educators interested in creative learning

So, of course I had to click.  

Here are the screenshots that resulted...

So, take a moment and click here (watch the video), enter your YouTube account and "like" the video, then get into your Facebook and Twitter accounts and leave comments.

I've signed up and I invite you to make it possible to join this Peer to Peer learning opportunity.  how often can we arrange for our students to take a course at M.I.T.?  

How often do we pass up a course because "That's too specific.  That's not likely to be a topic that most of my students will want to study."  But creativity?  That's one of the skills that Tony Wagner describes.   And we can learn it (as Ken Robinson has advocated).

I hope y0u will join me.  The course starts on Feb. 11.

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