Friday, February 8, 2013

The Learning Revolution (Dryden and Vos) has a place on our bookshelves with The Art of Teaching and Science of Learning (Jerome Feldman and Doug McPhee)

Jump to Minute 1:20 and hear the testimony of this teacher

Look at minute 1:19  Learning Revolution is absolutely fantastic.

This is what should be taught in every single teaher training school in the world.

It is from the 1990s but it is still really good.

minute 7   skip to that section.

You can spend 30 seconds with the book or three hours.   I mark up my copy.

This is used in every school of education, isn't it?  (minute 7:55)

Principals could put this book in every classroom.

Gordon Dryden's book is still a favorite for Dennis Yuzenas, a teacher in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Here are some insights:

This "dancing words" video was inspired by The Learning Revolution.

Let;s compare our mindsets -- let's look at what books have shaped how we look at education.  What are your fundamental beliefs?

Dennis also recommends Art and Science...

Go to

Mind mapping in the book by Jerome Feldman and Doug McPhee
The Art of Teaching and the Science of Learning

"These two books would make a great course..."

What are your favorite books about education?
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