Thursday, February 28, 2013

Each one: Become a virtual mentor to a school

Hmmm...  what should we do with 10 words?

What's needed for transformation of a school?

a) a principal who wants something new to happen, who wakes up asking, Why are students sitting in one chair all day?  Why not move around the classroom?"

b) time spent by mentors virtually and in short multiple visits (not just one day).

c)  Kids who are curious and who are tired of being bored and passive.

d)  A space for kids to sit and ask questions.   Not 40 kids, just 12 of them.

Next time I want them to sign the posters that they created.

February 26 (the first visit... just to show my face)
I arrived at 11 am and left at 11:45 am

Six words, seven spaces... 

Went to Nightingale Middle School to meet some interns from HPHS for ten minutes (we talked about the printing program)

Feb. 27
Dinner with the principal to check the protocol

Feb. 28
Second visit, five of the students remembered me from the visit to the D3 lab

12 to 12:45 meeting
a) please distribute the DVD (after you have seen the videos on the DVD)
b) Posters
c) Camera (please take photos, record what's happening here)

12:10 to 12:15  LASSIE (keys to locked doors)
when you get through the door, show your 10 skills  CIA  CCCCCC II AA

12:15 to 12:45, they made posters.

A list of items to bring to a school:

a) Words for bathroom walls.

b)  A list of movies for a textbook.

c)  A DVD with key videos (especially a collection that describes FLIPPING the CLASSROOM)

d) a series of Dan Pink Posters

e)  Poster paper

f)  directions for and examples of books  

g)  books with page numbers marked on the edges of the book.   For example, P. 133 on A Whole New Mind by Dan Pink -- this page number tells students where to start reading.

h) a camera

i) blank poster paper

j) leave the following words "Can you put photos in a word document?  Can you save that document on a USB?"  Yes.  "Then you can create a high school yearbook in about 4 weeks.  Here's a camera and a USB flash drive."   Let's see what happens.  Cost:  $8 each, sell for $10.

Walk away from the school with:

a)  a promise from the principal to put a sheet in every restroom and change the sheet daily.   SOMETHING NEW HAPPENED TODAY.

b) an empty suitcase

c)  a mobile phone filled with some email and mobile phone numbers.

d) photos of students working on a poster

e)  the date of Graduation day (May 30)

The book with page numbers and notes on the edge (see left) and the frame with quotes or a list of skills (see right on the chair)

Notice the Tom Toch book
High Schools on a human Scale 

Thank you, HPHS, for welcoming me to your school.

Write to me at

Text me at +1 954 646 8246

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