Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Copper surfaces might reduce exposure to "super bugs"

Here's an item from TheNewsCocktail (an online compedium of items).

I’m suggesting this for schools.  It’s being used in some hospitals right now — copper bed railings and some instruments.  Copper kills germs.

  1. Consider Copper Kitchen Fittings. On a larger scale, making door handles, taps, and light switches from copper can help defeat antibiotic-resistant super bugs, according to scientists. Researchers have discovered that copper fittings rapidly kill bugs in hospital wards, succeeding where other infection

    control measures fail. Lab tests show that the metal can effectively kill off MRSA along with other dangerous germs, including the flu virus and the E. coli food poisoning bug. Steel and aluminum surfaces, on the other hand, were shown to increase bacteria colonization over time.

a recommendation from JK MCCrea, editor of

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