Thursday, January 31, 2013

What have you seen recently? What mentor can you bring into a classroom?

I learned that a director of documentaries is visting New York for 3 months.  He might return again later this year.   

He directed the Behind The Label documentary about GMO cotton in India.

He has some interesting pieces about Polenta on his Vimeo channel.

Here's a question to principals and teachers in the New York area:

1.  Do you have time to contact this director and invite him to visit your school?

2.  Do you have a video camera so you can record his sessions with your students?

3.  Do you have a student who could post those videos with captions on youtube and draw attention to your school's mentoring program?

The same three questions can be put to principals and teachers in Florida.   The director will visit South Florida in March or April.  Do you have time to contact him and set up a time for a visit to your school?  

How about a virtual mentor (mentor at distance) arrangement?
See for ideas.

You can write to the director here

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