Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bring a photographer and videographer to a classroom.... It's an easy way to get students to engage

This poster was
removed from my
classroom at a previous school.

"Where do you want to go?"

Here's a simple call to educators...  bring in a photographer.   Then put a globe on the table and see what happens.  
I asked my students:

"What languages do you want to learn to speak?"
"Where do you want to visit?  What countries?  What cities?"

JK McCrea came to make photos.  Here are the results

The student on the left
wants to create a digital
portfolio.  I'm ready when he
wants to meet
(954) 646 8246
In short, there's a certain "theater" to a lecture that is increased when a professional photographer is present.  The students appeared to view the lecture as more important because someone was documenting the event and then the interaction became MORE intense and interactive when the photographer asked, "Where in the world can you get a free subway ride by doing 30 squats?"
She gave tidbits from a news column called and it was fun to see the students ask more questions....  

She also took this video with Jawaan.   

Dr. Fischler has a comment about the role of the instructor... but not to lecture (flip the classroom)
The class is the place to interact and demonstrate their learning and practice talking about the material -- the active learning environment, role playing, interacting with colleagues, games, practice.

The teachers have to be willing to change from being the preacher to being the key communicator of the setting, but not "all knowing."  
-- Dr. Fischler

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