Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"FREE IMAGES" (Stockfreeimages.com) -- Another tool for the curious teacher and students

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I know that the next generation uses images more than words to communicate.  

Seth Godeiin recommends a striking image and no more than 6 words per powerpower slide.
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When I need a photo to illustrate or perk up a book or a sheet that I'm sharing with my students, I look to wikipedia for "wiki images."   
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But every now and then, isn't it nice to have an unusual image?


The copyright notice and author/agency credit must be added next to each image used within editorial purposes. The credit line format, HTML format included, is provided on the download page. Suggestive examples: "© Photographer name / StockFreeImages.com", "© Username / StockFreeImages.com", "Photo courtesy of StockFreeImages.com".

Look at these stunning closeup images of ferns?

I want to write about the forest, now, because I just saw these images of ferns.

That's the power of a stunning photo.

StockFreeImages.com    ... it appears to be a nice collaborative and cooperative and it looks like a place for students to post their photos for sharing.   It's a place to practice sharing and benefiting from other people.  It's another example of "we are here to serve each other."

Photos courtesy of StockFreeImages.com

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