Friday, April 18, 2014

Before You Go To Sleep Tonight: 365 Posters to Think About -- Thoughts after a discussion with Mario Llorente

This is a post about "how to increase blood flow to the brain."
The purpose of school is to create blood flow to the brain.  The result is a change in the brain's structure.  There will be more complex relationships in the brain.  The wiring is changed.  If there is no change in the long-term memory, then there is no learning.  If something is placed in the WORKING memory, I often stop, thinking, "Oh, good, I did my job, I got the students to learn something."

If the students can't produce that thing six months later, do I get penalized?  Not often.  There are no real consequences.  "Oh, we need to review that... the students appear to no longer understand... they have forgotten six of the ten points that you taught them in the fall."

1. John Vornle and EMAIL messages

2. Richard Clark

3.  Blood Flow to the Brain

We talked about these topics today.

1.  John Vornle and multiple EMAIL messages
John Vornle viewed my barrage of email messages as "Steve is just sharing what he is currently working on.  He doesn't intend for us to read all of it closely.  If something catches your interest, then you can read it.  But there's no requirement that we have to read everything that he sends and no need to reply to him.
-- John Vornle, reported by Mario Llorente

Some people might wonder why I send the CONTENT of the website as well as the WEB LINK to the web page.
When you get around to reading one of his emails, it has the full article there so you don't have to worry about a dropped link.

2. Richard Clark:  Mario and I are two people who have deeply studied Richard Clark's work.  There are five billion people who have not heard about Clark.  Mario and I are on a mission to let others know about the essence of Clark.  That's why we make posters.  The book "365 Posters for you to look at before you go to sleep" is a project to present these quotes from important books and videos, including the work of Richard Clark.  You can visit and see Clark's articles.  You can also just look at some posters.

Cultivo una rosa blanca is part of Versos Sencillos.  The Cultivo poem is a gateway, a door to learn about other pieces.   The same can be said for the Edgar Guest poem:  "Courage comes from the soul within..."  I've memorized that poem and I hope others will share in Guest's lyric.

3. Blood Flow to the Brain
I hope people will enjoy the posters...

The form of the book can be a blog with a different post each night.  The web pages are simple:  365 posters January 1

You can find it here

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