Friday, April 18, 2014

this is the workshop.. How to become an effective blogger

A teacher can use an iPad or a smart phone to send a post with homework or a list of books or articles to read.

GoodReads is another way to get students following the teacher.

How to add a post  to a blog via email.

Step 1  set up a blog.   Get a GMAIL account and go to to set up the blog.

Step 2   Go into settings   scroll down … click on SETTINGS

You want to get to this screen where the EMAIL "Posting using email" asks you for SECRET WORDS

HERE'S WHY…  you can have the blog go to other teachers or to key students.

Here is what I will use to update and add to my Chronically Curious blog.  If someone wants to cause havoc, they will sue this code.  (Which is why I changed the address to

TO FIND THE SETTING, you go to MY BLOG and then look down the LEFT COLUMN.   Look for SETTINGS and then scroll to MOBILE AND EMAIL.

Here are the settings for some other blogs…

THIS WAS NOT ALLOWED because it is already the name of the blog

Here is the FLORIDA CITY school… I can email my daily message to the students

Here is the EMAIL setting for my JOURNAL exercise, where I try to share with Davi my day… with the hope that Davi will take time to write to me.

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