Friday, April 18, 2014

snippets to remember to review

here are some snippets of our conversation that we can review sometime.

The DOMINOS Youtube Channel can get VIDEO UPDATES
ABC Dominos has an email address that you can use to UPLOAD a vieeo.

if you are not in a wifi zone, the video is charged on your data limit

the idea is to encourage a teacher to record himself and then upload the highlight to a youtube channel… this is using internet to the fullest potential.

upload to a youtube channel to allow students to review the lecture

the handheld device is planned to give the blog and the youtube account updates immediately.


My focus is making a digital portfolio

my focus is to show others how to show others.

We are valuable to an organization if we can train them.

there is even a way to upload  a blog post … 

this message could be mailed to a blog… 

For example:,  goes directly to the FRe English blog  goes to the Chronically Curious blog… 

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