Friday, April 11, 2014

How can we create a project that involves INITIATIVE, COLLABORATION, and the other five survial skills that Tony Wagner promotes? Start a computer refurbishing project

Here's a website that deserves more attention

I"m reproducing the About Us page:

About Us
In an environment with numerous large computer refurbishing firms charging money to people in need for their refurbished computers, eGreen4Need was founded in 2012 to alleviate the costs of information access and education and provide refurbished computers to schools in need for free.

Who Are We

eGreen4Need (eG4N) is a nonprofit computer refurbishing organization sponsored by Whitney High School in Cerritos, California.  eG4N is certified as a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher.  As a small but growing organization of student volunteers, eG4N provides free refurbished computers with the latest software to other students and schools in need with limited to no access to technology.  Our services help both the environment and recipient communities by lowering the amount of electronic waste pollution and providing computer technology to those who need it most.

Our Mission

eGreen4Need understands that computers are a vital part of modern society.  Computers not only provide ease of communication; computers play an very important role in education due to the vast amounts of useful information available on the Internet.  For these reasons, eG4N believes that everybody should have access to a computer, and that means that those who have difficulty in affording one should be able to have one for free.  Therefore, we are committed to providing free computers for those who need it most, and we have found a simple way to do that - one which benefits both the environment and our clients.  By refurbishing computers that would otherwise be disposed and donating them to those in need, we aim to better the world with a resourceful approach.

CLICK HERE to read their standard contract

After reading that mission statement, I want to create a similar project at my high school.   Who wants to get started with me?

I recommend that students contact the current head of EG4N  eGreen4Need leader, Proud Heng, who might share with you some good ideas.    WHS = Whitney High School

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