Sunday, April 6, 2014

Free Lesson Plan for a multi-day series of activities that will engage complex thinking: a Plan for all Grade Levels (just adjust the amount of work that you ask the students to do)

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This lesson plan was created by Robert Maclachlan.   I am in a discussion group with Robert and I learned about his lesson plan, developed as part of his degree program.  Readers of this blog might recall that Robert is the creator of the TEACHERMAN acronym for high points about learning how to create a good online course.
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Here is a link to his blog (which should give you an idea about how to develop digital portfolios for teachers as well as students).  His blog posts are an example of curating to guide students to deeper exploration.  It's a form of "connected learning," allowing students to make connections between pieces.

Here is the download for his Sonnet Writing lesson plan.

Here is a link to his use of xtranormal...

I found his post about a visit to John Keat's deathplace particularly engaging and helpful in showing students how to quickly get to the point.

I'll close this post with a look at "The Impossible Dream."  Those words still make my skin crawl, send shivers up my spine and bring tears to my eyes.  I choke when I try to recite parts of the song.  Go ahead, try to say "to run where the brave dare not go" and try to not be inspired to do more than what's adequate...  This is what the transformation of education is about:  going farther on a quest.

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