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A recommendation: find this Tumbler ( and Wordpress ( to learn about a delightful dog and some vegetables: The art of wandering the 'Net and leaving footprints

Look at this remarkable photo from a wordpress blog

I have been telling my students to look for new sources of information.   Here's what I posted on 

I have a project called and I encourage my students to spend time using their LIKES, COMMENTS and SUBSCRIBES.   So I liked and collected two photos.

Look at this delightful email

Cara Isabella, 

The dog "Gilles" visits many places that
he experiences on the ground level. 

He is one of the most efficient go-between
and people get to be friends because of him. 

In fact, he has an international fan-club
based in the Giudecca (Italy). 

He understands three languages and
 is very trained at thought transfer.
E spaventoso ma non mi ricordo perchè volessimo l'indirizzo di Steve ne chi è, insomma è sepellito in una piega della mia vede che sono concentrata su altro! Grazie comunque, sono sicura che capiro più avanti. 
Si, sarebbe bello spendere (!? ma esiste in italiano, mi viene il dubbio, che non sia un inglicismo...) un po di tempo insieme e anche io ti abbraccio forte; 

Patrimoine sans frontières
+0033 (0) 6 42 36 99 34
+0039 339 20 40 024



I wonder what those tanks are about?
what do they contain?  Where was this photo taken?

Three languages... so cool.  And why is the French version
different?  "Places with people"?  Inhabited worlds?
Instead of waiting for Alexandrine and Isa to figure out why Isabella wanted to connect me with Alexandrine...I'm going to dive into Ademun's blog and tumbler  (  yes, if you click on a link, you might discover a wonderful photo.   A de Mun also writes in three languages... so I'm pushing myself to learn from her.

Students:  This is how you stay young at heart.  Several of you have asked me how old I am and you don't believe me when I say I'm 56.  "You are 40, no more."  Well, part of the secret is to listen to young people and keep an open heart and mind.   The AARP recommends the following...

Lifelong learning
Travel a road that is not familiar -- do something unusual. I haven't looked at Italian or French in a while, nor have I clicked on a link about a dog.

In my comment about her photo of vegetables, I wrote the following:
I’m a high school teacher in Florida. I take delight in sharing with my students interesting blogs and this photo stunned me. The green, red and purple together… with a hint of orange. I want them to consider that they are leaving high school with their harvest of skills and knowledge. What will they carry, how will they arrange their collection?
I am an advocate of what Tony Wagner calls "Skill and Will." There are 7 survival skills (you can search the link "seven survival skill tony wagner") but there is also the will and passion and energy to get something done. "It is not just showing us that you know something," I tell my students. "Please show us what you have DONE with this information." I hav shown them that Blue tuna is being overfished. Some of my students created videos to announce their end of eating any tunafish until the blue tuna is again safe. At least they reacted to the information.
I invite readers of this blog to contact me with their tips for my students. What should I be teaching them? My 20 years of teaching and visiting interesting schools has led me to conclude
a) the people with the information are not teaching the students
b) Neil Postman was right: Teachers whould listen and students should speak so that they get to practice making presentations. (See also the words of Dennis Littky) if you want the full ebook, write to me at and I’ll share it with you.
I will end with an invitation. Anyone who reads this blog is welcomed and invited to contact me
steveEnglishTeacher on skype +1 954 646 8246 mobile I look forward to hearing how I can improve the curriculum at a school in St. Malo that I advise. you can read about it at
we are here to serve each other

Notice that I included some posters from the work of Dennis Littky.  I didn't post the ENTIRE BOOK... I just gave a hint.   

If you want the ebook, write to me.
I hope when Alexandrine sees the second poster, the list of what Dr. Littky sees as the goals of educaiton, then I will have hooked her attention and she will see, "Ah, I think I know why Isabella wanted to connect me with Steve..."

I hope that my students will find joy and interest in the word "Patrimony."  It is not a word used often in the USA.  I have seen it in Cuba and of course in France.  So I invite my students to click on Alexandrine's work website and discover something about that word....

IT'S ABOUT CULTIVATING and CURATING.   Can we dig and plant seeds that will blossom, bloom and produce months later?

For example, Flipped Classroom in Italy... and digital portfolios in New Jersey ...

I encourage my students to create digital portfolios to store what they have created.  I also want them to blog about what they find interesting in the world.  By looking at the titles of their blogs, I learn so much about their minds, much more than by interviewing them (students tell me what they think I want to know about them...)... don't you want to get to know what Moise will do next?  Or what Gerald will post?

This is the link to the Neil Postman book from 1969.  It's worth looking at Chapter 12.
Can we collect and organize the treasures taht we find?   See and Maria Popova's essays about curating. 

For students who didn't take time to do the, here's what I got from Ademun's letter:

Dear Isabella, 

And scary but I do not remember why we wanted to address them who Steve is, in short, is buried in a fold of my memory .... you see that are focused on other things! Thanks anyway, I'm sure Capiro later. 
It would be nice to spend (!? But exists in Italian, I doubt, that is not a inglicismo ...) a bit of time together and also I will hug; 

Here are my collections from Neil Postman's book.   Pages 116 to 119  

(a brief interruption to thank Isa Greppi... and to ask you to click on LIKE for the ELS School that I advise and cherish in St. Malo.  Go ahead, click on the TWITTER account and click on Facebook) .. Our Lives are What We Make of them...

Click here to get the video
I would not have started this blog post if Isa had not come into my life.  I'm so grateful and I hope you will hear about her adventure when she was a young woman on a boat near Brest... waiting for rescue...  Start at 7:30 in the video

and pieces from Chapter 12 (page 162-164)

Click here

Really, you should click here

Please, go to Neil Postman's book

Pirates of the Caribbean part 5         Click here for Gilles the dog           HOLSTEE

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