Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Director of a School asks, "How do we spread this information?"

Step 1:  I found a link to a book by Bennis, Goleman and O'Toole and I emailed it to several teachers.

Step 2:  Will Sutherland asked,

There are three objections to using ebooks
a) "I prefer a book"
REMEDY:  print this page.

b) "The book is copyrighted.  We don't have funds to pay for the text."
REMEDY:  Let the students read the webpage, if you are so concerned about copyright.

c) "By showing students the Internet, we are exposing them to the advertising on the web pages.  This is a form of commercializing education.  We are training students to become consumers of advertising."
REMEDY:  If you are concerned about this issue, ask one of the students to download the information on this page and paste it into a word processing document, which can then be made into a PDF and distributed to the computers of the school.  Or the PDF can be printed and no other student will be exposed to the advertisements.

Step 3:  Tell people about this SAFARI books link

Lesson Plan:  A discussion about Transparency

Teacher asks the class, "What do you know about transparency in business?  What does transparency mean?"
(hands go up, students give their definitions of transparency)

Teacher:  "Let's read this post on the Chronically Curious blog and look for items to discuss."

Teacher:  What do you want to do with this information?"
Students might want to show this blog to their principal and ask if some decision-making in the school might be made more trans---------ent.

Most teenagers can't get this far in a blog.   ... so our mission is half-accomplished just by showing teens this blog.   Ask teachers to show these pages and see if some students can extend the discussion.

It will be useful for students to read a Preface.  
Perhaps they can guess the contents of the book after reading Bennis' introduction.

HERE is a review of the Bennis/Goleman/O'Toole book

Here is a link to O'Toole's chapter

Transform-Education.com        TransformTeaching.org     QBEAcademy.net

You can have whatever you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.  -- Zig Ziglar

Spread this link, please.

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