Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What can one teacher do? Look what happened in Brazil in October on 10/10/2012

I recently sat with Dr. Abraham S. Fischler to discuss a strategy to share his book of commentaries with schools, parents, students, teachers and directors of schools.  The plan goes like this:

a)  offer the package of digital products at no charge.   PDF of the ebook, dozens of posters with excerpts from the book, and a free online discussion / workshop about the quotations.

b)  offer to bring a series of workshops that will begin to implement the changes in mindset that Dr. Fischler beleives are needed to create the needed changes in the system.

c)  then what?

That's the key question.  What happens next?  Go ahead and read his blog entry for July 2006 and see if you can see what "implementing the vision" would lead to... is a possible answer...  What web talks could support the transformation of schools? is another approach.

Send your comments to  I'm interested in seeing what can be done to immerse students in this material.   A teacher in Florianopolis, Brazil, has asked his students to look at the posters and take time to write or talk about what the posters mean.   

If you would like to write to the teacher, his name is Jair and he speaks excellent English:   His students would appreciate some attention, too, I'm sure, for their efforts.   

Get started:
Download some posters

Free book of QUOTATIONS

Dr. Fischler's book of COMMENTARIES

Dominos For Schools (a free ebook to teach collaboration)

A list of projects that teachers can introduce (The Blazek collection)

Questions for the Classroom Wall to inspire discussions

The Humanistic Approach (32 pages)

Free Workshop about "Video for learning"  (Flipped Classroom)

78 pages:  Book by S. McCrea and M. Llorente LET'S LECTURE LESS

Send email to Steve at

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  1. I went to a meeting of parents (they were observing some 4th graders reading some essays). I asked them what the plans were for the child in high school.... Many parents have the same observation that Ken Robinson makes about schools and creativity. What to do? Let's listen to the teachers and parents, then suggest a more fulfilling way to spend time in classrooms.