Sunday, October 21, 2012

Highlights from the Freelancer's Report

Download this valuable report.
Put the report on every student's hard drive.
Post the graphs on walls and ask students to describe the situation in their own words.

1.  Students, what category do you fit in?  Designer?  Editor?  What?  What are the responsibilities of your dream job?
2.  Students, how could you use this information?
3.  Students, how might this report change if the population of the freelancers were restricted to Asian freelancers?
4.  Students, create a PDF report, create a blog or web page, post some of these graphs and put links to on the documents.  Post the PDF on, too.

Students:  Why not ask Ed Gandia to become your virtual mentor?

Teachers:  Contact Ed to find a freelancer for your classes to write to (and turn into a virtual mentor)


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