Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mario Llorente explains how to learn a language: Watch TV that you love,

When I was a teenager, I met a kid who learned Spanish at age 11.  "How did you learn Spanish," I asked.  He replied, "I watched TV."

So I tried it.  I watched news, Sabado Gigante, I left the TV on all day, I tried to immerse myself in Spanish.  "Si conduce, no toque" (something about , if you drive, don't drink)...

The problem was that I did not know that the student had become an expert.  Experts often don't know the complete steps that they take to learn.  He neglected to tell me that he watched the shows that he really loved.

(Richard E. Clark has documented some experts who leave out over 50% of the micro steps that they take when doing a procedure, meaning that an expert tells you the CHUNKS of steps that he takes but not the micro steps inside each chunk).   

The key to learning a language through this method is to find a TV show that you REALLY REALLY embrace.  Mario talks about learning English listening by listening intently to songs, to learn how to transcribe.  He took time to transcribe lyrics.  

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Mario Llorente explains (1)  How to learn a language:  Watch TV that you love, part 1

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