Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dr. Fischler's Model for Transformation of Existing Schools

Dr. Fischler described his vision for transformation of existing schools (both public and private).

He describes in a series of three videos (recorded in 2009) how to engage the community, teachers, parents and students in the transformation.

In these videos, he presents the problem and the solution (in two parts, A and B).

Three students at a charter school using Fischler's 3 modes of instruction (2011)
Solution part a

Solution part b

The cube shows time and cost as axes for the three modes of instruction:

There are six components that affect each of the modes of instruction:
Student management system
Teacher training
Organization and structure

Systemic Change Model
a.k.a. Model for Transformation of Existing Schools

For more information, read the extracts of Dr. Fischler's training book, Building More Responsive Schools:  

You can download the book at this link:  FREE PDF download

You can purchase the book on

The book is a series of quotations and commentaries designed to shift the reader's perspective from the traditional school structures (designed for industrial and agrarian societies) to the age of a global economy, called the Conceptual Age (by Dan Pink, A Whole New Mind).  For more about the shift in mindset that is needed to transform education, see

Let's look at some of the images that are on the video...

Go ahead, click and listen to the video

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  1. Great! We'll be expecting those video clips. Dr. Fischler has a say in the transformation of education for the 21st century. His experience speaks for itself.