Sunday, October 14, 2012

An Exercise to Push Ahead with the Transformation of Education

Lesson Plan with Quotes

a)  Download the quotes 
b)  Print the quotes
c)  Put the posters on the wall
d)  Ask the students two questions:

1.  What does the quote mean?  use your own words
2.  What should teachers do to make these ideas happen in schools???
d)  Ask the students to write their answers and send the work to  We'll collect them and publish the results on a blog and perhaps on a website... maybe even in a book and an ebook ... which will be posted on and given away to inspire more

This lesson plan is specifically about the posters that come from Dr. Fischler's commentaries book.  Other activities can be arranged using other quotes.  You can find more quotes in Will Sutherland's collection of quotations.

These photos are by Jair.  You can reach him at

Why not write to the students who participated in this lesson?  Ask them how they enjoyed the exercise...




You can download the posters here

AN EBOOK 78 pages with many posters



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