Saturday, October 20, 2012

Does your school or organization need a free training program?

Does your organization host a conference, convention or series of workshops at least once a year?

If so, have you considered adding a workshops related to education?   Here are some topics

How to Use Portfolios to Get Into a Great University
(a workshop for students and their parents)

Visual and Active Study Methods

The Power of E-Books:  Free Digital Resources

Tips for Better Scores on the SAT, FCAT and other Standardized Tests

Very Cool Sites:   Educational Information on the Internet

I Saw It On Youtube:  The Educational Use of Videos

"Edu-taining":  How to Introduce Visual and Active Methods into Your Classroom
(for teachers and principals)

Visual and Active Learning
How you can help your children and their teachers do better in school

Skype for Business:  Building International Bridges for commerce 

Using Youtube in New Ways

Learning Through Internships
How to create interactive lessons that turn into careers

Alternatives to Grades and Tests:
The Power of "Narratives," Portfolios and "Exhibitions"

New Uses for Social Media 
People want to have other people to relate to
people flock together

People need a flock to belong to, they used to hang out in bars ... now they hang out on the Internet

See the range of workshops available from and

Steve McCrea

Visual and Active Teacher Training
Mobile  954 646 8246
here are links to some of my work:   Dennis Littky Big Picture Education Met Center Small School Providence

24 page booklet (for parents)

I compiled some quotes from Littky's book   THE BIG PICTURE.

If you go to  and scroll down to page 65, you will see the quotes that I pulled from Littky's book.

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