Saturday, October 20, 2012

Questions to Update "The Big Picture"

Questions by Yuzenas

From: Dennis Yuzenas <>
Date: August 28, 2012 11:26:36 AM EDT

I sure wish I could travel up to the Big Picture schools and see for

Here are a couple of questions I have for Littky. They may seem fairly
banal, but it's what is on my mind...

1. How to REALLY develop a team mentality? We do projects, but very few
are truly interdisciplinary.

2. How to fully integrate new hires into the school? We have something like 30 new teachers, coming from all over the country, of all ages, and it's important that we start off hitting on all cylinders.

3. What projects does he feel have had the most impact on his students over the years since the writing of BP? The really buffo, oh wow, things that stick in his mind.

4. Every school has slackers--students and teachers. How do you turn them around--or, at least, what's the first step in turning them around?

5. The internships. I know it's in Big Picture, but how to get every kid into a meaningful internship?

6. Big Picture is great (talking about the book...) but really, what are
some failures and things he wishes he could reboot for a mulligan? Failure is a great teacher, what are some of his failures?

7. Sex ed. How do the BP schools teach it?

8. What role do interns, student teachers, and unpaid people play, today, in BP schools?

9. What is his take on HTH? Really... High Tech High in San Diego

10. What's his take on the 21st Century skills movement--I think I know the answer--but I'd like to hear it from him...

All of this is addressed in BP (almost all) but I'd like the "latest

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