Saturday, October 6, 2012

What is Your Net Impact? (tell us how to make an impact on the Internet)

Hello students
please help my friends with their projects

1.  Click on my friend's facebook page for his movie
I went to school with Sebastiano Tecchio, the director of this movie.  He researched this movie a long time.   He is passionate about the problem.

2.  Click on the video on youtube
behind the label documentary
if you click on this video, it will increase its popularity and you can write to Sebastiano about your opinions of the short video    sebastianotecchio <>   

3.  Please look at the STUDENT IS THE CLASS posters
then click on the FACEBOOK PAGE... you can leave a comment on the page.
Please click on TheStudentIsTheClass on Facebook.
The reason:  Dr. Fischler wants to improve schools and with your help let's make him see his words around the world.

Write your opinion about the poster.  What will happen to schools if this idea becomes popular?
Send me the opinion in portuguese and in english (then I will print both on my website for Dr Fischler

5. I have a list of 500 videos "that students should see before they leave high school"    TELL me why I should ask my students to click on the sites and videos that you recommend.
What facebook page should we click on?

6. this is the idea about
REASON:  I want to change the world.  I want the world to be better.  Let's share tips.  Tell me what i should "LIKE" and I'll tell you what I have liked.  Maybe you will want to click on my favorite websites, and maybe your stories will persuade me to use my "LIKE" to click on your favorite sites.

Please send to me a list of good videos, 
Please send me a video that is important to you.  not music videos.
EXPLAIN WHY YOU WANT ME TO CLICK.     For example, I told uyou about my friend's video.  I want you to click on his video to make it more popular.

THEN I hope you will share this idea with your friends.

7.  Please click on  and make my program more popular.  thank you.

Steve McCrea
Learn about BIB Penpals
Building International Bridges with Skype and Facebook  (safely)

8.  Katie Gimber's "Why I flipped my classroom"   It is an interesting idea.

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