Monday, October 1, 2012

A letter to educational consultants: We all win when one of us does well with a client.

We all win when a school puts into practice procedures that transform their culture.
We all win when a school embraces positive change.

The consultant who got paid for those changes appears to be the winner, but as taxpayers and as members of the community, we all win.

To: Education Consultants
A suggestion about collaboration
I'm a teacher in Florida and I am growing my consulting business. I hope we can talk and see how we can support each other's activities.

I promote a program where I go into schools to encourage language learning with Skype or Google Talk. Facebook and email ... the program is Of course it is easy to notice fear in a school that is driven by a "my way or the highway" type of principal and I wonder if your organization has some interest in collaborating about schoolwide culture.

When I see a fearful culture, I'd like to recommend a training organization to that school. If you would like to collaborate, could someone from your organization call me at your convenience so we could work out how I could go about referring clients to you?

Perhaps it is geography that makes sense for your group to deal with some clients that I can't get to or perhaps there is a clash in styles (I'm low key and low cost and some organizations prefer a "more professional" approach).

In return, it would be nice if you could recommend the BIBPenpals program to your clients, too.
To evaluate my language=practice network (it's quite informal), you can go to for the short videos that are in place. the account is purposely populated with only a few videos so that a visitor is not overwhelmed with choices.

I'd also like to know your opinion of the "Network of Educators" that I've assembled using translated transcripts from Rather than regard your efforts and my organization's efforts as competing, I'd like to work with you to transform education. Do you have articles from your website that I could get translated and then shared on the INoE network? If you have already translated parts of your website, could I link those items to the INoE list of "things to read to transform minds"?

I believe one of the impacts of the Internet is that people in other countries will see our ideas and try to apply them. To facilitate that transfer, it will be helpful to have some translations ... If you would like to have a low-cost translation of parts of your site (I have students who do a fairly good job as volunteers), let me know. Certainly the articles that you recommend (which my network of student volunteer translators will handle over time) can become part of your international site. So in addition to sharing valuable stories and articles through INoE, you can get some translations that will be the start of translated versions of your site. 

I've edited a book by Dr. Fischler, former head of Nova University, and I invite you to write a blurb of two or three sentences to hep us market it. You could also distribute the ebook at no charge. The aim is less about making money from book sales and more about getting the message into people's heads...

Here's an example of what people have written about Dr. Fischler's book.
Dr. Fischler makes use of his enormous wealth of knowledge and experiences to focus our attention on the key problems of education in the United States today. Being a pioneer of educational reforms, Dr. Fischler takes us on a short but solid reading which focus on three main aspects: the time factor in learning, the correct methods for delivering instruction, the role of technology, and the need to bring all the main actors together into his vision of the teaching-learning process. A very intelligent selection of educational quotes guides us through the main aspects in question. This is a necessary reading for teachers and families. The reading is entertaining and encouraging. A must read! -- Mario Llorente, 

"It's about time we wake up and realize the severity of the educational crisis we find ourselves in. The disconnect between the people determining educational policy and the people asked to be the practitioners of that policy is a mile wide and a mile deep. Dr. Fischler has managed to distill fifty years of educational research into a manifesto that should be taught to the policy makers and shared with teachers and parents everywhere."
Dennis Yuzenas, high school teacher, Oxbridge Academy, West Palm Beach, FL

MORE <<<

A particular product or action that I encourage my clients to pursue is posting posters that carry a message about transformation. It's a simple action that can affirm "Yes, I've been to a workshop and I'm changing something in my classroom."

Do you have some slogans that might be converted into posters that we could attribute to your organization? It might attract some clients but the core idea is to transform what happens in classrooms.
HERE are some of the posters that I've created with Dr. Fischler >>> free materials that I distribute to my clients to encourage transformation

here are some links to posters.    These are free and you can distribute them to your clients.   Free Ebook

Dr. Fischler's book >> 
I look forward to talking with someone from your organization. 

Steve McCrea 
2314 Desota Drive 
Fort Lauderdale FL 33301
+1 954 646 8246

I might "lose" a client to you, but we all win when a school embraces positive new procedures.

I embrace transparency as described by Goleman (the advocate of Emotional Intelligence), 

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  1. as a taxpayer, i like the idea of improvements taking place. it is good when a school goes through improvement that makes sense.

    my concern is when money is spent to reinforce the current situation instead of investing in the next generation of schools. what do we have to install or learn to prepare for the future?