Saturday, December 14, 2013

Active or passive? A slice from

Have you noticed how there are people who seem to “happen to the world” and others who have the “world happen to them”? People who are proactive and engaged, and others who are passive and alienated?
People who happen to the world are the ones who make their own choices about their lives, learning and everything.  Isn’t that how things should be?  People being active and make decisions about their future, and shaping their own thinking. How about people with the passive approach to life, people who let the world happen to them? What is their learning like?

You, dear reader, "happen to the world."  You make an impact when you recommend sites to others.  Why not click and recommend Nina's post?

I wish for my students to have the same fire that Nina has.   That active approach to life is what attracts me to this blog.

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