Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stunning, relevant, in-depth reporting, and a meditation on the beauty of nature: I highly recommend this video for mature students   in general i do not recommend to my students to post copyrighted material on Youtube.   But I am STUNNED by the information in this video particularly around minutes 28 to 44....   I highly recommend this presentation.   

water vapor transports the
sun's energy toward the poles
I suggest this video for mature students because it needs to be seen in "bits and pieces" and it needs to be pondered.  This is not a "screen change every 10 seconds" or a music-driven ode to teenaged hormones.   This video is the culmination of years of work and could be in IMAX theaters because it is so visually impactful.

Here are some captions and images from the video


The second photo shows the flow of the brine 
41 minutes


one trillion gallons of salty brine plunge down into the Weddell Sea every hour in the winter, released from the formation of ice on the surface.   

minute 42 and 43

this is equal to 500 Niagara Falls
A submarine waterfall...

Ah, the mysteries and wonders of the planet.      

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