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What makes a good lesson plan? Suggestions for students to ask their teachers

Students, can you understand the lesson plan that your teacher left the substitute teacher?  If not, why not ask your teacher to look over these points:

There are at least three features that you will notice in a Unit of Study or Lesson Plan compiled under the guidelines of

The principles come from the following people:
Tony Wagner “seven survival skills”:
Reader's Digest “readability” rules
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  • The students are encouraged to make a poster to summarize what they learned (perhaps integrating several units of study into one poster). Even if the poster shows up only in a digital form, the poster will become a rule for that student. The end product will go on a Google Drive file, if possible.
  •  Multiple Colors are used whenever possible.
  • There's a quote somewhere in the Unit of Study (often the quote is related to the school work)
  • The work is connected to at least one of Tony Wagner's Seven Survival Skills
  • Learn more about these posters
    The text is in two columns whenever possible to make the page more readable. (This follows the Readers' Digest format).
  • At least one photo is on the page. At least one large “callout” or excerpted quote in 30 point grabs the reader's attention.

Thank you,
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We can make handouts and "anything the students have to read" more visually interesting....

HEre are some links to expore based on these search terms:
how to make a handout more visually interesting

Search Results

  1. Presentation Handouts - Speaking about Presenting
    Jul 23, 2010 - 13 best-practice tips for creating effective presentation handouts. ... And if they are visual slides (recommended) then they're also unlikely to make .... so that listening to me is much more interesting than reading the handout. 2.
  2. [PDF]

    This document introduces a simple workflow to create instructional handouts using ...Tufte is the author-designer of four books about the visual display of information, themost recent of which is Beautiful Evidence (Graphics Press, 2006). ... thick black boxes and arrows and lines around the “important stuff”- these types of.
  3. [PDF]

    Visual Design Basics: Creating Effective Handouts, Flyers and ...
    by A Brown - ‎Cited by 2 - ‎Related articles
    Now, more often than not, we make many of our own print materials using a computer, a... particularly important considerations when creating print materials for  ...
  4. Creating Quality Handouts - Public Speaking Tips › Handouts
    Dec 29, 2003 - The answer is that presenters convey much more than words when they... Make sure your handouts are both visually pleasing and practical.
  5. Handouts - Universit√© de Nice Sophia Antipolis
    When they take notes in their own words it's more meaningful. Handouts need to bevisually interesting, but have lots of white space for writing. According to an  ...
  6. Edward Tufte forum: How to make presentations: techniques ...
    For medical case presentations, see the display in Visual Explantions, pp. ... I was always taught as an instructor that if you have handouts you shouldn't .... The act of writing on the board requires that you focus on the most important items first.
  7. Visual Arts: Elements and Principles of Design
    When we say a painting has UNITY and DEPTH we are making a value ... with the principles of good composition will create a more interesting piece of art it will  ...
  8. NEDARC - Make It Visually Appealing
    Make It Visually Appealing - how to make your message/results of your ... This willmake your document look more interesting, and it will also help people jump  ...
  9. Mr. McLaughlin's Class: How to Make a Handout
    Oct 17, 2011 - Present information visually, which meets the needs of visual ... Use nomore than three fonts in a single handout. ... oho good dear !!!! very interesting blog and a good posting !!! you must maintain your blog, its interesting !

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