Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ten videos from a sidewalk sage: A message to teenagers about the value of relaxing, quieting the mind and meditating (from Sam Iam)

I noticed this fellow who smiled at passersby.  I wondered, Why is he so happy?  He seems content.  I wonder what his story is...

Here is what he shared with me.

Video 1
a story about Alan Gompers

This fellow appears at peace with himself.  He tells a story about learning how to "get in touch with my heart"

Video 2
keep the energy in the body
the meditationd technique
say "reee laaaax"

Video 3
"A man had to go to prison for me to learn these lessons..."
enlightenment is "being in your heart"

Video 4
before you are blue, green, irish, whatever,
you are a piece of the divine energy

Video  5

Notes from Video 5:
We are the creators of our lives

we tend to move toward the things we think about

There's no one to blame.

"Look what my mother did..."   That's so easy.

you are what we eat

we are what we think

we are masters of our sjip

the definition of karma
what goes around comes around

102nd st and 1st avenue
The street version

every thought
every action comes back to us

Video 6
Thank you for the opportunity to share my technique....

Video 7
A story about Mr. Daniels.  He was a teacher who taught Sam how to read better.
He made me want to learn to read better.  He opened up the door for me.

Video 8
What is the difference between having Jesus and you in the same room?
Answer:  none.   They are all part of the same divine energy.

Video 9
He quotes some lyrics
i came from the ghetto
John Lennon said there are no problems, just

Give a little more than what you are looking for.

He likes the poetry of lyrics

Video 10

If you want to learn how to make a digital portfolio, click here:


From a Virtual Mentor (John in the ebook called How to Become a Virtual Mentor)

Here's one thing I learned in a freshman class in college.  When you are waiting in line at the supermarket or whenever you get really impatient and uncomfortable, do this:  Feel your feet in your shoes.  Focus on where each toe is, the position, where the toe touches the shoe's surface.  How much weight is each toe holding?  What percentage of your weight is on your heels and what percentage is on the balls of your feet?  This procedure calms me down immediately.

For more information, called (954) 733 7366  ask for Sam Iam

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