Saturday, December 21, 2013

Digital Portfolios come to East Side High in New Jersey (with VIDEOS!)

Click HERE   This skeleton of a digital portfolio was assembled in 30 minutes.   That's the power of Google Sites and Google Drive.

Have a look . . .

This is a typical digital portfolio at High Tech High
... built on Google SITES software.  What can a student
at East Side High produce? (in 30 minutes)

This is the portal to the Digital Portfolios of
High Tech High.  CLICK HERE to introduce
your students and teachers to another way of
sharing our students' work

Give a click!

If you know how to use Google Drive
If you know how to use Google's SITES web-making software
If you would rather see a student's actual work rather than a transcript's report of the Grade Point Average,
then you are ready for introducing Digital Portfolios to students.

The procedure is described by Dennis Yuzenas and Matt Blazek (projects) at these locations
Dennis Yuzenas

Matt Blazek

See Matt's description of the "List of Projects" CD

If you are a teacher and you want some tips about how to set up a digital portfolio, you can see the structure in Jasmine's blog.

1. No personal information (the student might wnat to put her actual name, but I encourage everyone to call themselves "Fred Jones at Indiana Middle School in Freeport, Ind.")
2. No email links to a "REAL" ;email address, but you can invite comments to the site.
3.  ADD YOUTUBE videos to allow visitors to HEAR the "performance of understanding" or exhibition of the student's learning.   High Tech High DPs don't generally have video components, so the East Side High version will be the next step in the evolution of DPs.  The VIDEO does NOT have to show the face of the student.  Shy students can hide behind the camera and simply give a tour of a poster or book or report by describing what was learned.  See the videos at River Cities Communities Charter School... 

CLICK HERE to see some suggestions about how to organize a Digital Library (on Google Drive and Youtube) showing exhibitions.
CLICK here 

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