Sunday, December 15, 2013, a tool for educators, students and others who want to take the initiative...

  We teachers are asked by Tony Wagner and others to demonstrate the skills of initiative and collaboration.  Organizing a conference call is one way to get partners to work together.   Step 1:

  Then sign up for an account.  

Step 2:  Log in

Enter the email address

Then click on NEXT

Step 3:  Select the Time and Date

Then click on NEXT

This screenshot shows the people who will be receiving the message.

This is the information to send to the participants in the call.
The info is sent automatically to all the email addresses

This is the confirmation message.   

This service can be used to bring together people who are in 
different places and who have access to telephone service.   This is a good way to show initiative and collaboration, two of the skills that Tony Wagner and want us to develop in our students.

International Codes:   Since I encourage my U.S. students to contact students in other countries, the Free Conference International feature will be helpful.   Here are the codes for reaching our conference call:

FreeConference Details

Your US Dial-in Number
1 862 902 0260

Your Access Code:6683281

International Dial-in Numbers

UK - 0844 410 0400
DE - 0180 501 6070

AU - 8 9520 3110

a) set up the call
b) give out the phone numbers in other countries
c) connect on Free Conference International

OF course, Skype works in any country with wifi or internet connection, but the audio quality of FreeConference is worth using.

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