Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Teacher Training and Parent Awareness ... using Six Conversations with Enrique Gonzalez

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I recently toured East Side High School in Newark, NJ and I met an innovative principal (who has coordinated an academy inside the larger high school).  
I recommended the following training materials (based on videos made by Erik Friedl, a documentary filmmaker in Los Angeles).  

The key points:
a) the videos give tours of two schools (middle and high).
b) the principal, Enrique Gonzalez, gives his perspectives about how to personalize the experience of school.
c) viewers can use these videos to guide discussions about "where can we take our school." 

The 23 Megabyte download
How can a community (neighborhoods) be invited into a school?  Workshops provided input to make this interesting report (phase 1).

For more information, contact Enrique Gonzalez    I recommend the documentary interviews that Enrique did with Erik Friedl ... located at the following links on Youtube

"Most young people don't believe that school belongs to them.
We want the community to join us. The classroom is the extension of their living room."


A tour with Nancy Chou in the D3 Lab: "Dream it, Design it, Do it."
Interview with Aaron Brest, a musician who graduated from Frida Kahlo High School.


"The students will put a smile on people's faces. They're preparing to visit a local convalescent home." 
The Night Hawk's Nest, made with discarded materials: "The children have taken ownership of this area."


"Kids learn about safety and they can apply the skills that they learn from other subjects. The kids are engaged here--we're preparing them to be citizens of the world."

"Around us there is poverty and hunger but the answer is in the schools where students can develop their thinking and analytical tools. Thanks to Elliot Washer, Nancy Chou and the staff at Nightingale middle School, who want us to become the best school in the nation. Let's be a model. Here's an alternative--please consider it."

Highland Park "Love of Learning"
"Our principal is not a suit.  He is a man."  (student)
Phase One under way at Highland Park High School in Los Angeles, California. School principal Enrique Gonzalez offers an insider's look at a school-in-the-remaking and explores programs and innovation aimed at engaging and igniting the imagination of every student passing through Highland Park's portal. Emphasis is on the teachers' personal approach to understanding the needs, aptitude and aspirations of the individual student.

Enrique Gonzalez: or 323-254-3421


Highland Park "Remaking"

These interviews can support a discussion for teacher training and parent awareness of what is possible when a community invests in a school and when a school invites the community to come in.    Enrique has several insights about how to build connections with the local community.  His mobile phone contact is 909 456 9152

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