Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Yoga for Teenagers and Seniors: Suggestions for students who want to increase their movements and flexibility (from a yoga instructor in New Jersey)

Yoga video 2:  How to use the stairs

Yoga 3:  Flexibility in the hands

The Frog

Mindful Movements for Teenagers and Seniors

Students might be given a life skill

a) how do we 

b)  if your grandmother wants to get a little gentle exercise, what series of postures would be good for her health?   Check with a physician before using these techniques.

c)  What are the benefits of yoga and postures in general?  What do you know about the lymph system?

Yoga 1
walk in a straight line

Yoga 2
stairs stretching..  

Yoga 3
Medical uses of spheres to stretch the hand muscles and ligaments

Yoga 4

Yoga 5

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