Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Yellow Wood Learning Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, builds on the work of Tony Wagner, Littky and Ken Robinson ... so, mentors, when can you volunteer? Calling all taxpayers...

Yellow Wood Learning Center gets its name from the Robert Frost poem... two roads diverged in a yellow wood.

The website has these quotes:

Why not learn more?

Here's a request to readers of this blog:  When a group starts a school or youth activity center in your community, you don't have to dig deep ... just find an hour a month and drop in.  Your wisdom and life experience is valuable.   Many mentors can build a wide and stable foundation for small efforts like the Yellow Willow Learning Center...

So, put together a list of what you have done and send it to your local school or youth after-school center... and get involved.

So here is my offer for volunteering and mentoring:

Ms. Hurst

I would like to inquire about your Center's openings for 
volunteers and mentors

1.  Knowledge of the Big Picture Learning system.  I like the reference to Met Center.  I read the Littky book, I have arranged for the book to be translated into Spanish and Portuguese, and I visited the Met Center twice.  Here is the link to my 2005 video
  1. Dennis Littky Big Picture Education Small School Met ... - YouTube

    • Aug 11, 2009 - Uploaded by visualandactive
  2. Small school in Rhode Island that shows the world how to put Rigor, Relevance and Relationships together ...
  3. Tour of Met Center Dennis Littky See 1:20 TRANSCRIPT ... - YouTube

  4. Jul 12, 2011 - Uploaded by the guide on the side
    In most schools, they don't get to [grow up] -- they get stopped ...Search NPR.org for "Dennis Littky Small School" and you'll get the radio piece.
  5. Dennis Littky Part 2 Big Picture Small School Met Center ... - YouTube

  6. www.youtube.com/watch?v=snW5xkyBFvI

  7. Aug 11, 2009 - Uploaded by visualandactive
    Part 2 of the documentary about The Big Picture Small school in Rhode Island that shows the world how to put ...

2. PROJECTS IN THE CLASSROOM: I have been mentored by Matt Blazek and Dennis Yuzenas, two stellar teachers who use projects in their work.

  1. Dennis Yuzenas Visual and Active edu-taining teaching ... - YouTube

  2. Sep 10, 2009 - Uploaded by visualandactive
    Short takes from a visit to Dennis Yuzenas' classroom in Bak Middle ... there are at least 12 techniques to pick up from this 9 minute video.

3.  BLOG:  I blog about the transformation of education.

4.  Teacher Training Book:  I edited a book of commentaries by Abe Fischler, former president of Nova University.

5.  Workshops for making Web Sites:   I show kids and teachers how to use Sites Google and Drive to create digital portfolios
  1. How to Create a FREE WEB SITE using Sites Google ... - YouTube

  2. ... a FREE WEB SITE using Sites Google (Course by Steve McCrea... You can find more courses by Steve McCrea at filmbaby DOT com and  ...
Can I volunteer to drop by twice a week to provide enrichment?   I'm an SAT test prep instructor
my site  www.FloridaTestPrep.com

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