Sunday, December 22, 2013

Four videos to help students build DIGITAL PORTFOLIOS (with the guidance of Jasmine)

A student at East Side High School in Newark, NJ, shows you how to build a digital portfolio.
Click here and see the results

1.  Get a gmail account
2.  Go to
3.  click on the CREATE red button
4.  Give a name to the site
5.  type in the code on the page and THERE YOU ARE.

You have a page on the Internet. 

Here is Jasmine's page

If you need assistance or if you want ideas about how to use this software, call Steve at (954) 646 8246.... or if you are a student at East Side High School, ask to speak with Jasmine.  She knows how to use the program.

part 1

Click here to see what happens after you
sign into the GMAIL account
part 2
In minute 2 of this video, you can see the choices that are possible about the template.  To set up the first video, we used the blank form.

part 3
Create a new page and make a link to that page.  Setting up
Freshman    Sophomore   Junior    Senior   (pages for each school year)

part 4
How to insert an image

This is the link to this video

Here are some other videos on YouTube about Digital Portfolios

The shortcut for this page is  

EXAMPLE of a Digital Portfolio:  =  Ben Staley's DP

More SHORTCUTS     websites and DPs by my students at Lawrence Academy =  Videos that my students recommend     free online course at Trinidid International University  =  how to write a term paper =  A team of students at Lawrence Academy = What do you feel about writing?

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