Monday, December 16, 2013

Digital Portfolios and More: How to give your students the "High Tech High" look ....

The "Nine-Point Plan"

Click here to see the DPs at HTH
I offer the following check list to my students….

1.  Google Drive for storing documents (and sharing)  (15 Gigs of space… Free)

2.  Google Sites to claim a slice of the Internet (free)

THOSE TWO STEPS will let you generate as much as what does …
If you want more, here are some suggestions.


3.  Google Blogger to generate a blog (like this blog)

4.  Youtube to set up a place for storing and sharing your passion --- and these links can be posted in the blog and the Site.

5.  FreeConference to encourage collaboration

6.  BIB Penpals for students who want to connect with other cultures

7.  Facebook "Pages" Page to promote a blog or encourage people to download a document.

8.  Twitter to encourage clicks on the youtube and blog… 

9.  LinkedIn to give that professional edge...

OPTION:  monetize the Youtube and other sites 

OPTION:  for $10 a year, you can get a domain name that is easy to remember

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