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What are the Best Videos to show to students? The "500 Videos" project

My friend is sick with the flu.   His 9-year-old kid is sick, too.
ah... an opportunity.  Sick?  Not in school?  Time to "get ahead."

I have a project called 500 Videos that Students Should See Before They Leave High School.
How do we find the videos that would go into this list?

I typed  "history youtube"

25 Videos That Made YouTube History - YouTube5Year
25 Videos That Made YouTube History. Here are 25 memorable videos that madeYouTube history over the last five years. Me at the Zoo. Ronaldinho Nike Ad ...
oh no...
Several of the 25 videos are based on sheer numbers :  520 million for "Charlie!"

Dancing and Singing videos

   Clever, it shows collaboration and love of the people who support the couple.  Transforming?  Perhaps.  Is it likely that students will not know about this video?  Possibly (only 1 percent of the world's population has seen this video).  But a coordinated dance is just one form of collaboration.   See the HAITI 25 video comments at the end of this post.  Look for "COLLABORATION EXERCISE."

Dance:  M&M  7 million,       Thriller in Phillippines 52 million views.

Cute videos

 A child looks at a book of kittens and gives voices to each photo.  

Outrageous behavior
Celebrities that rant, shout; children behaving like children.

This might be the first video to hit one billion.  Students might need to watch this video to prepare for later life (perhaps to recognize the type of logic that certain kids use at at certain stage of their development).
   Another example about why sheer numbers  of views should not be a measure of a video's value.

Quasi-science (something that might be valuable, but you have to look behind the disruptive features).  If students copy this behavior, what could happen to society?

What a clever idea:  make a fountain.  I first saw a display like this at the Summer Palace near St. Petersburg in Russia.

Jackass videos are in this category.  The behavior is sometimes outrageous but there might be some value in knowing what happens to the human body when a teen falls off a skateboard and injures a part of his body on a railing or curb.  Are these videos that should be included in the 500 Videos list?

Comment:  There is some value to videos that show outrageous behavior or surprising or disrupting results that conflict with society's structure.  Example:  Mentos + soda?  There's some science in that video, but I don't want to put that video in a list that students might watch without an adult.  This is PG:  Parental Guidance needed.  "Don't try this without supervision" or "This is only useful if you look at the science behind the disruptive action."
If you have seen videos posted under "mentos and..." you will see the possibilities for damage to property and people.

"Destroy property, take off your clothes and defy authority" (the secret to making a good movie, told to Alan Alda in Sweet Liberty, a comedic movie).

a futball star (Ronaldinho, little Ronald, tries on some cleats)  800K views
Why is this a video that changed history?

I didn't know about the "bounce-back" device that allows the kicker to receive the ball back.

I suppose this is a video that "changed history" because it is an ad... nearly 3 minutes long.   Wow.   A company paid to show an athlete put on shoes.

History /  Geography
A video about a protest in Myanmar (Burma) is useful for future taxpayers to know about.

Sad, graphic, blood on the woman's face.

  ...shocking  The photo shows the end of the video.  I have not seen many dying people.  The grainy video, even at a distance of four meters, appears to reveal some of the life draining out of the woman's face.  This video could be linked to a discussion in class (or a student's investigation of the history of dissent in Iran).

Surprising?  This appears to be an historic bit of footage from a political campaign.  Did it change history?

But this collection served up some gems.
I've heard of the skill of mixing videos to make a combined video.  How about this as an example of collaboration?

Educational / Inspiring Videos
Randy Pausch's last lecture is a wonderful concept.  This might be my last blog post.  Why not write as though this might be the last post?


You might be amazed by this video.   Let's show the power of working together.
Wow.  Great idea.  Students, I want all of you to see how you can create a project with your peers.  Yes, you might need expensive software to edit so many tracks together, but many of the links made in this video can be done with standard movie editing software.

Note the link in the lower right
This feature in Youtube allows you to refer the viewer to another person's channel.  That's collaboration and that's a form of payment for using this video.

Bravo to Lisa Lavel for this procedure.

This skill ought to be taught in schools.  Making a lin to a person's yotuube channel is part of acting as a responsive, effective digital citizen.
 Nice logo.  Look at those links on the final page.   Can you create those links?  That's effective web work.

Here are links.   Go to the video, scroll down and click from that video's list of links in the description.
Students, this is an example of a project that could be placed in a digital portfolio.

Look at this remarkable list of channels.  This is an effective use of the "description" zone in the Youtube video system.

One Video
What is one video that I'd like everyone to see?
 In November 2012, I went to a country that has no easy access to Youtube.  I was talking with a fellow who had perhaps six hours of experience with Youtube in his life.  He is one of the one-percent in Cuba who has seen a Youtube channel.  I asked him, "Have you ever seen Christian the Lion?   Carlos replied, No."  I pulled a USB flash pen from my pocket and handed it to him.  "Please copy the videos to your hard drive and then pass the USB to your neighbors.  Ask them to pass the video on to their neighbors.  I think the message is easily translated in Spanish and I hope it shows the power of a video to remind us about the miracle of life.   It is hard to say that animals don't have emotions.  I cry often when I look at this video.   Even when the soundtrack is off, I cry.

The lion cub in England

Here is the reunion in Africa a year later...

In other words, what can we teachers learn from this exercise (of identifying videos of value)?        Here is a list curated at Time Magazine
What items can we place on a screen to inspire and inform parents, teachers, students, directors of schools and taxpayers?   What videos could push forward the transformation of schools?

What should be the next link that we show people who have a traditional mindset about schools?

What links could shift the traditional mindset?

What should we forward?  What videos could transform minds?   What links can we share?

What can we recommend to build the mindset that expects interactive schools?

How do we press videos forward into the attention of people who will make choices about "what will happen in schools"?

====  What videos should we put in front of parents, students, principals, taxpayers, politicians and teachers?

I did a search with the following words:  best videos about education

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    What video?  hmmmmm  I guess I like the Littky videos

    And I like this video about design...

    What do you see?      Maya saw something

    Thank you for reading this far.  Please see these sites

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