Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Have you heard of "State of Fear" (a novel) ...?

Should this information be exhibited in high schools?

a presentation that Al Gore might want to look at

Look at the question at the top of this blog.

Should this information be exhibited in high schools?

This is the first time I've seen anyone present the climate data in a narrow band with zero at the bottom of the left (vertical) range on the graph.

there is a long list...  

I particularly like the contrast between the graph that has zero on the left (vertical) axis and the graph that starts with a more narrow range, resulting in a more volatile change of temperature.

Link to a novel (with a depiction of Ted Danson, who gets eaten in the story)



With appreciation to Iain Barraclough for his persistent attention to identify non-scientific arguments and for drawing my attention to these news items.
Additional thanks to Jack Latona who introduced me to the work of Bjorn Lomborg and who awarded Lomborg the Julian Simon award (issued by the Center for Creating the Future in 2002).

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