Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Creating a webinar will be a skill for students to learn... The goal is to create CURATORS

Webinar with Dan Pink is worth the build up and the anticipation.

Mr. Pink divided his talk into four parts

Books (2012 and 2013)




He gave us a number of links.  Readers who want to know more about the content will need to visit Dan's website .... I encouraged him to post the webinar for othere to learn from.  

Curators and Consumers of the Curator's work.
Since I generate income from this blog, I believe the content that appears here has to be won through my effort.   Since Dan Pink didn't send me this information, and since he curated it, the list of books, the charts, tools and links that he recommended are part of  his collection.   However, I can recommend that you contact danpink.com to learn more about To Sell is Human (his new book).

The purpose of this post is to underline the importance of curating and the value of webinaring...

Here are some screen shots from the site that he used -- SEAMLESS.   I want to conduct webinars... and the structure might be similar to MOOCS, with questions that can be posted.

Here are the items that I noted.

I look forward to using this technology in future classes.


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