Thursday, January 31, 2013

How to use the COACHING feature of KhanAcademy for self-learning

What are the options for a teacher when a student writes a note like this?:

I haven't been in a math class for 15 years.
I never got beyond pre-algebra.  I was confused in the class.
What should I do?  Should I get a tutor?  Should I drop your class and come back when I've studied basic math first?
--- Student

1.  Recommend a tutor
2.  Spend extra one-on-one time with the student
3.  Arrange for a "study buddy"
4.  Introduce the student to

In fact, I'm introducing my entire "PERT Test Prep" class to

Here are the ten links for my students to click on:
Addition                 Fractions

Multiplication          Ratios, Proportions

Factors  Multiples               Exponents, Sci Notation

Negative Numbers        Make graphs
Absolute Value

Decimals and Percent              Arithmetic properties  PEMDAS
60 / 200 =  _____%?              5(16/4) - 2(7 - 9) = ?
What is the percent?
That's a start!

The PERT includes Grammar, Reading and the elements of Math.
Algebra is especially challenging.


Equations (linear equations)

A message to my students:  If you find the diagram with blue dots confusing, then just use my list of links.

Don't do MATRIX!

Here are some examples of exercises on this site.  I'm posting 25 examples to show the variety that is available.   I'm also going to put a second collection of exercises in the next post.

This is not how to answer the question

Here's the right answer

Add caption

In PART TWO of this post, I'll show you how to use the COACH feature of

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