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What's better than random searching? Look for a curator...

Let's do a search on youtube
"education transformation videos"
In 2013 January, we found the following links


the challenge is to find items that bring to life the essential elements of TRANSFORMATION that we need to share with students.  For example, is the best video for Tony Wagner's GLOBAL SKILLS actually made by Tony Wagner?

This exercise shows that there are teams of people working on this idea of "interactive, engaging, educational videos."  

What else can we do?   I heard about a guy named Green who creates fun summaries of history, science and other subjects.   Entertaining.  

I don't recommend this video:  It's about "why we read" and it's entertaining but lacks the subtitles that other videos have (to support his monologue).
The graphics are engaging!  But the style of delivery makes it helpful as a REVIEW (rather than as an introduction to the information).

However, look at these other topics.

I learned something from his Agricultural Revolution #1:

Central question:  Where did agriculture start?  What crops were first cultivated?

Lots of ideas and some clever references

Where did agriculture start?  What crops were first cultivated?
Corn (maize)





None of these animals were native to North America

Cute joke about LAMA or LLAMA
 It was funny to me because I know what the two type of Lama are...  But this rapid-fire delivery is not helpful for a first-time listener who is not sure WHAT to listen to.

The jokes?

The mumbling?  Is it part od the joke or is it essential information about the agricultural revolution?

Why not visit

Ah, some key ideas...  a good "educational video" has headlines

... make alcohol (the end of this sentence....)

His graphics are delightful.  I picked up "yams in West Africa" from this video.
He makes connections that you might see in James Burke's work 

We need to find a collection of videos that have captions that are easy to read.
Some of the images in this video about the Agriculture Revolution were engaging but overall this would be a REVIEW of information.   The information needs to be presented with captions and headlines.   I'm still hunting for the best examples of the Flipped Classroom.

A list of CURATED videos about Education

So let's guide you to some of the videos that have helped some of my colleagues and mentors...   These items have been "curated" or selected for your use.

Gordon Dryden
An able documentary maker who shows a) how schools look and b) how the transformation looks.

Let's look at his book    GET HIS BOOK.

FREE book 1999 version

Get the poster
Video Interview with Gordon Dryden, co-author and editor of "Unlimited - The new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it".

This interview with author Gordon Dryden was originally prepared in January 2009 for "The Beat Goes On", a weekly "Baby Boomer" TV show in Auckland, New Zealand. (Dryden is also a former prominent New Zealand-based television and radio talkshow host.)

While the show was recorded in New Zealand, its main emphasis is on "the global learning revolution" - and the seven keys to unlock the future of everything - but using lifelong learning, eductaion and schooling as "the model".

Dan Pink poster

Do you have a blank wall in your school?  Let's ask the walls to hold a message.

What will it take to drive the transformation?
Get a group of people together.

More posters (from Dr. Fischler's work)

Discussion points from Dr. Fischler's book

Discussion Sheet for PARENTS to read

Read excerpts from Dr. Fischler's book

Ask for a free copy -- a free ebook

More POSTERS (download some words that inspire teachers at a school in Rhode Island)

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