Monday, January 14, 2013

Let's create a new unit of measurement: The Swartz -- 10^24 bytes

If a billion is a Gigabyte and a trillion is a Terabyte, what is next?

How about a Swartz?   Or should we call a trillion trillion, a Tera Terabytes?

Her'es what a friend sent me

Swartz' death fuels debate over computer crime - Yahoo! News via @YahooNews  New unit Swartz =  A Terabyte of Terabytes   The new unit of measurement.    10^9 = billion = giga, 10^12 = tera, so 10^24 is a Swartz

Jan. 13 was a sad day.  
The Federal Government is responding like an inflexible European bureaucracy.  The behavior described in the article reminds me of the inflexible thinking from Brussels.   The USA was the innovator in the 19th and 20th Centuries.  It was the place of freedom, where we could experiment in 50 laboratories.

Now in education we see standardization.

In legal areas, we see a crushing trend to protect copyright without weighing the benefits of open access for educational purposes.  (Oh, i forgot.   Education is a profit center, not a means to invest in people...)

Let's make January 14 a day of recognition
Let's honor Swartz by using, his reading service, and by inventing a new unit of measurement.   1000 Terabytes is __________ a Swartz? 

Why not bigger?   A Trillion Trilions, a Tera Terabytes
One Yottabyte = One Swartz

10^12 times 10^12 = 10^24

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  1. How can we honor this man?

    We should have a new name for a tera terabytes... One Yottabtye should be One Swartz. "I am Swartz" let's all stand and shout in turn, "I am Swartz!" THIS IS THE POST THAT I PUT on